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What are cookies?

Cookie (“cookies”) is a small service text that is transferred from the viewed website to your browser for storage. When you visit the pages of the same site again, the browser transmits the saved information back.

Use of Cookies

Using a cookie, the site stores a basket of each visitor, remembers authorization, maintains statistics on the attendance of sections and more.

The affiliate code included in the pages can also send its cookies (but can not read someone else's). For example:

• Yandex sets them to collect a variety of metrics or select ads based on your preferences;

• Google - for statistics and authorization on Google+;

• Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte and other social networks - for authorization and the ability to share an interesting article.

More information about the use of cookies for each service can be found on the corresponding pages:

• Privacy Policy of YANDEX LLC

• Google privacy policy

• Twitter privacy policy

• Facebook data usage policy

Can cookies be managed?

Depending on your browser, you can enable or disable the storage of cookies for individual sites or in general, as well as view their contents or delete them. You can learn more about these functions in the help of your browser; You can also refer to the instructions for popular desktop browsers.

How to set up cookies

Cookies are small text files in which the browser writes data from the sites you visit. Cookies allow sites to “remember” their visitors, for example, so that each time they do not ask for their username and password.

To configure the cookie processing settings, select your browser from the list:

• Mozilla Firefox

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Cookie Policy Changes

We reserve the right to update this Policy as necessary, for example, to display changes in it regarding cookies used, as well as due to operational, legal or regulatory reasons.

We recommend that you regularly review the provisions of this Policy in order to receive up-to-date information about the cookies used and related technologies.

The date of the last update is indicated at the beginning of this Policy.

If you have any questions about the use of cookies or other technologies, please contact us by e-mail, through the feedback form on the Contact page.


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